If at all possible, I like to meet new clients for a walk-through scouting shoot before our first project together. This gives us the opportunity to discuss what sort of compositions you like, clean-up and styling, and what your goals for the images are. This has no additional cost, but is only booked once we have decided to move forward with the shoot.

After you’ve selected images from the scouting shots, I’ll send you a revised estimate to reflect the current image count and any updates for additional clients or licenses. When I receive the retainer fee from you, we can lock in a date!

On the shoot day, I work with an assistant to help with equipment and styling.

Once we shoot, I will send un-processed images for you to look over and choose from, if there are choices to make (between different versions of a shot, for example). After you decide upon selections, it usually takes about two to three weeks for me to send you finished images. I then make any changes you want (barring major retouching, which is billed hourly), and pending your approval, send the final images and a final invoice. If you need the images by a certain date, please let me know in advance so that we can plan around that.

Retainer Fee

I require a retainer fee (50% of the estimate) to confirm a date for your shoot. If you cancel the shoot altogether, I retain the fee. If the shoot is rescheduled, the fee goes towards that. However, in the case that unrefundable money has already been paid out (eg. for travel expenses), that will need to be reimbursed. If I’m the one to cancel or reschedule, obviously I will absorb all relevant costs, and / or return the retainer fee in full.

Payment Policy

Final payment is due within 14 days of receipt of invoice. If this is going to be a problem, please discuss it with me. Payment can be made electronically via Zelle (which partners with most major banks), Square Cash, Venmo, or other agreed upon payment options. Please make any checks payable to “Devon Banks”, and let me know when it is sent out as I have had problems with mail in the past. Payment by credit card via an online form costs an additional 3% of total charge.


Standard Architectural License

This gives you the right to use the images for portfolios, brochures, website, social media, monographs, press releases and award submissions. I retain ownership and full rights to the images. Please credit me on your website, social media and wherever else is appropriate and possible.

Instagram: @devonbanksphoto
Facebook: @devonbanksphotography

This license also does not cover third party distribution, advertising, editorial distribution, or anything not mentioned in the above paragraph. (You may not grant usage rights for the images to anyone; to split shoot costs please see “Multiple Clients”, below.)

I also offer an additional PR license, explained below.

PR License

The PR license allows you the opportunity to submit images to certain approved online trade publications that are not budgeted to pay image licensing fees.

This license is defined as such: For sending images to blogs and online-only trade publications, and always with photographer credit displayed at the top of the article.

Online features for print publications fall under editorial use below. Keep in mind, jobs that have been previously published in any way (sometimes even including on social media) are less desirable to media outlets, so it’s prudent to be strategic about submitting jobs.

Please read the image use agreements for any site to which you plan to submit (they should pop up when you upload, though you may have to search them out) and let me know if anything looks off - watch out for language like, “perpetual use” and “third party distribution”.


I am happy to assist with sending selected projects out to publications. Associated image licensing fees are negotiated directly with the publications, and there is no additional cost to you. I am also happy to work with you to come up with a strategy, including compiling all relevant information about the project. If you want to send the images out yourself, the publications need to be in touch with me directly to negotiate licensing fees, or we need to talk about additional licensing fees to cover editorial distribution.

Multiple clients

Additional clients are parties besides the primary client that will use the images as outlined above in usage rights, or in any other way to promote their work (e.g. contractors or vendors). There is a per client, per day fee for additional clients, but how you divide up the total shoot costs is up to you. In the case of multiple clients at the time of the shoot, the primary client must pay all costs and collect fees from the additional clients themselves. Additional clients may not be added after the final invoice has been sent out.

Any requests for file usage by additional parties after the shoot should be directed to me.

Average Shooting Cost
A full day of shooting locally in NYC, with 10 final images, will run around $3500. For a detailed estimate please contact me.

I also offer half days, which are capped at 4 hours, with an hourly rate after that until the full day rate is reached. If you are interested in this option we can discuss the best way to make our time as efficient as possible.

If you have any additional questions, I will be happy to answer them at